Foreign Investment Service Area
Applicable Laws and Regulations, and Explanations on the Applicable Forms (English Translation, for Reference Only) Downloads

Laws / Regulations
Statute for Investment by Foreign Nationals
Negative List for Investment by Overseas Chinese and Foreign Nationals-List of business activities that are prohibited or restricted for overseas Chinese or foreign nationals

I.Flowchart of Procedures for Investment in Newly Established Domestic Companies
II.Illustration of Application for Initial Investment in Newly Established or Existing Doestic Companies
III.Flowchart of Procedures for Review of Applications
The Interpretation of the Standard for Determining Whether a Third-Area Company Is an Investor of the Mainland Area
Form IV

A.Application for Initial Investment (including newly established enterprises)
(Newly Established Companies)(Initial Subscription of Shares Issued for Capital Increase by Cash)(Initial Acquisition of Equity Interests from Local Shareholder(s))
Form A
B.Application for Increase or Reduction of Investment
(Subscription of Shares Issued for Capital Increase by Cash)(Acquisition of Equity Interests from Local Shareholder(s) by Overseas Chinese or Foreign Nationals)(Subscription of Shares Issued for Capitalization of Retained Earnings)(Capital Reduction of the Invested Enterprise)
Form B
C.Application for Verification of Investment Amount
Form C
D.Application for Transfer of Equity Interests
(Transfer of Equity Interests by an Overseas Chinese or Foreign National to an Overseas Chinese or Foreign National,or to a Mainland Investor) (Transfer of Equity Interests by an Overseas Chinese or Foreign National to a person of the Republic of China)
Form D
E.Application for Change of Name or Business Scope of the Domestic Enterprise
Form E
F.Application for Withdrawal of Investment
(Dissolution and Liquidation of the Company)
Form F
G.Application for Change of Name of the Foreign Legal Person and Assumption of Equity Interests in a Domestic Company
(Change of Name of the Investor)(Assumption of Equity Interests in a Domestic Company due to an Extraterritorial Merger and Acquisition Transaction)(Change of the Investor's Qualification to be Mainland Investor)
Form G
H.Application for Reinvestment by the Domestic Enterprise
(Applicable to the first layer domestic company invested by an overseas Chinese of foreign national with more than 1/3 shareholding in the company,which reinvests in another ultimate domestic target company)
Form H

A1.Act Governing Relations Between Peoples Of The Taiwan Area And The Mainland Area
A2. Declaration for Qualification of Foreign Investor
A4. Trans-national Merger/Acquisition Declaration

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